Tuesday 24 March 2009

Dream a little dream for me

The life of dreams

It is not so much about being a control freak but there is need for some sort of control when I sleep. I dream very vivid dreams and usually remember the setting and context of those dreams.

Times are after waking up I try to see if there is anything to learn from those dreams and make appropriate adjustments to accommodate those lessons.

Another peculiarity is I cannot sleep without some accompanying sound, some classical music, the gospels read in the background, my television on at a news channel – I need the boundaries of external sound to keep my dreams from running away from me.

Sounds of light

In fact, if the night is still and quiet, I cannot sleep, my mind becomes a radio telescope searching out for the presence of life and sound in some nether or outward place, by which time one is primed to be startled, scared and beginning to lose ones sanity.

The vagaries of modern life has turned us into freaks which for me includes the need to have some white light on when sleeping – why I wake within 5 minutes of lights going out when asleep just amazes me, maybe it is something to do with the amounts of light shone in the eyes of pre-term babies at birth.

Snapping for justice

Anyway, I dreamt last night, I walked out onto balcony that had a number of dream-recognised relations when looking into the courtyard there was this familiar old lady waving around a pole as if to fend off unruly kids.

Then four hoodlums approached her to rough her up, I shouted from the balcony to dissuade them but they did not relent, there was nothing I could do from that setting as I asked for a camera for at least record the event for a consequent police investigation.

I did get a camera and took quite a few good photographs, at one time, it appeared all the four hoodlums were posing for me and I got very good shots of their faces.

When they realised they were being photographed, they ran off, however, I cannot say what became of the lady afterwards, it is not clear if anyone ran to her aid or helped her afterwards.

Unhelpful help

What annoyed me on review was that everyone was in praise of my presence of mind to ask for a camera to take pictures and as I went back into the building, someone offered to get the pictures off the camera for analysis and so on, I neither saw picture nor camera after that.

Strangely, in one of the many twists and turns that my dreams have, the camera happened to belong to the lady, she had left it when she went for her walk and in some way the name she had was quite familiar.

On reviewing the dream I realised I should have fully supervised the handling of the pictures, ensured if I could that I backed up the material and got the evidence to the police as soon as possible.

Between ideas and effective action

Much as I could record the horrible event for the purposes of bringing justice to those hoodlums, I was surprised that I had not seen to having someone tend to the lady, we were all enamoured by the singular act of someone taking pictures when a lady had been roughed up.

What I take away from this is how to handle critical information on which justice and fairness might rely, I should not give it up easily if it is not going to the relevant authorities no matter how familiar I am with the person who requests it and I should be careful about unsolicited help which might end up depriving me of important work.

I should also have the presence of mind to address the humanity and humanitarian issues I find myself in and see the matters through to satisfactory conclusions so that I do not find myself aching about why I did my dreams did not end perfectly.

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