Tuesday 23 September 2008

Large Hadron Collider: The Tower of Babel endures

In search of a humorous God

Some religions and religious practices have lost the notion that God might indeed be humorous, whilst the last part of this verse does indicate a situation of displeasure, the first part talks about “He who sits in the heavens” laughing. [1]

There is a humorous God out there and I believe he is having another good laugh.

A laugh at the fact that human nature has not changed and throughout civilisation and advancement there is still this quest to decipher what God is all about.

Babel of old

A story in the Bible talks of men who gathered to one place and decided to build a tower “whose top is in the heavens”. [2]

God observed and found that their one language and unity of purpose was compelling enough for them to achieve whatever they had planned to do.

Unlike how human beings might think the tower was not destroyed, rather the counsel that bound them together was confused by the confusion of language which lead to their dispersal and their not achieving their original goal.

Viewing it from today’s perspective the men were seeking to enter God’s tabernacle and the confusion of languages put paid to that escapade – the episode is recorded as the Tower of Babel.

Babel of today

A few weeks ago, a collaboration of over 8,000 physicists from 85 countries found the realisation of a dream in the launching of the Large Hadron Collider. [3]

The construction which is definitely of Babelian proportions is a 27-kilometre circular tunnel, built underground at between 50 to 175 metres depth straddling France and Switzerland was supposed to reveal the secrets of the birth of the universe.

Beyond all the experiments to be conducted was the search for the Higgs boson [4] that some have called the god particle [5] which supposedly is fundamental to the evolution of the universe and it might well be so.

Meanwhile, there are other scientists who suggest that this particle might well not exist [6]; so as we exert ourselves nosy around in God’s haberdashery bag, someone might get more than a pin-prick to bargain with.

Heavens, We’ve got a problem

The Large Hadron Collider was started off on the 10th of September to much fanfare that could only excite geeks and nerds and doomsday protagonists struggled to convince us that the collider would swallow up the earth with little black holes.

Could anyone have been looking down from above when last weekend when magnets set to align, carry and steer the proton beams through the tunnel overheated bring the whole experiment to a close and consequently a close that would last till next spring?[7]

Someone must be having a big laugh between the tabernacle and the particle a Babel psychosis has consumed the people that they would not relent till the particle is observed – but if they have to rely on their Babelian device, you can be sure that need to either speak the same language or keep the particles going round-and-round would become a harder task each time.

God help us that all that money and research does not get swallowed up in a gaping black hole.


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