Thursday 13 March 2008

No race issues about Obama or Clinton

Boldly going

One could be forgiven for ignoring the obvious and hoping that things are a lot different but the reality is hitting people in the face like a Mike Tyson fist on the rampage but a solitary confinement from society awaits anyone who dares to give it voice.

Geraldine Ferraro was one such person who treaded where angels fear to tread by observing that Barack Obama and his hold on the Democratic Presidential Nomination ticket thrives on race.

Imagine another truth

Her statement was probably without malice, it had a bit of forthrightness and having been a vice-presidential aspirant to Walter Mondale may know a bit about measuring the dynamics of American politics.

Now, we all want to be as altruistic as Utopia would allow us and see no colour in the colourful and vibrant campaigns to represent the Democratic Party in the presidential elections but if our naivety beclouds our vision for a hope and inspiration that takes us to a new place we land with a death defying thud in some interesting stuff.

Recorded history

The Harper’s Magazine is a publishing institution that has existed since 1850, during one of my searches; I came across a list of race related events in America since the year 2000, 124 in all.

You only have to read through a few to realise that the obvious does offer the warning of air-displacement as the Mike Tyson fist of realities hits you smack-bang in the middle of the face.

Fearfully burning crosses

But leave out the cynicism and the negative connotations that indicate America is in bondage to race related angst then read that Bob Allen, a one-time member of the House of Representatives who was a co-chair of Senator John McCain’s Florida campaign offered oral sex to a man in a park because he was afraid of black men.

Fair point, the things that really bother us and make us do irrational, if not criminal things, the police however did not buy his bull and he got convicted having earlier sponsored a bill to curtail sex in public parks – what a killjoy. Event recorded 3rd of August 2007.

The last race related event on 2007 recorded on this site refers to a white family finding three burning crossings in their backyard in Florida. Event recorded 3rd October 2007.

Bald hairstyles

None have been recorded for 2008, in fact, from the site which appears to veer into prognostication, the next two race events are recorded on the 8th of July 2020, the first of which warns of the dangers of cornrows causing permanent bald patches.

As the Houston City officials distribute a Ghetto Handbook which is an interpretation of prevalent hood-speak.

I could not care less about the permanent bald patches, I have no hair, but anyone who dares say there is no racial undertone and obviousness about the presidential nomination might well have their cornrows pulling out their brains.

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