Saturday 9 September 2006

Your greed will serve you badly

What is prosperity?

When a good friend sent me this piece of news, I smiled and as he noted, it might interest me, it does.

I have always heard of the Prosperity Gospel, a message delivered in certain Christian congregations of the Pentecostal persuasion, I, for one have not fully appreciated the content or context, but I know what living the good life is all about.

In my perspective it is not about women, wanton living, bling and hedonism, rather, it is about having enough to be liberal in giving, being ready and resourceful to tackle issues and being able to see a way out of whatever situation as well as understanding contentment.

Whilst money is important, wisdom is the principal thing, one has to be smart about the use of time, resources, people, opportunities and trials.

The pastor was a bigamist

The piece of news I am concerned about is that of a Pentecostal priest who apparently died in an air crash in Nigeria intestate.

At death, he was eulogised, praised and lauded as a patriotic and selfless Nigerian, well, the truth has erupted like a long dormant volcano that has returned with vigour.

He had a second wife, so he was a bigamist, that secret became front page news when the first and second wife entered into a tussle about the pastor’s estate as it transpired that he was worth about $55 million.

One can imagine the shock when the first wife realised that she had a rival and surely, she would have wanted to prove that the other woman was an impostor.

But once she had ascertained that this woman was who she said she was, any level-headed arrangement would have allowed for them to come to some sort of amicable settlement and split the loot in two.

All for me and none for you

Well, they did not, because one who have felt deserving of more than the other and their lives flash before them about a life of grandeur with $55 million rather than $27.5 million as hedonistic insurance.

If, these women had listened the beautiful preaching of their late husband rather than sought to practise the acts of the self-same man, they probably would have been wiser and smarter about the corruption of great riches in the hands of those who have worked for nothing.

23 things to accounts for

The legacy of the man has already been destroyed as the evil men do does tend to live after them.

Anyway, their altercation on how to split this largesse came to the notice of the anti-graft and anti-corruption organisation in Nigeria and they waded in and impounded the whole inheritance because not proof could be found of how a pastor and electoral officer came into such great fortune stashed away in hydra-headed bank accounts numbering 23. Short intake of breath.

How is it that in this case too, two fools and their late husband’s ill-gotten money are soon parted? Because your greed would eventually serve you badly.

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