Tuesday 7 February 2006

The martyrdom of the cartoon

The martyrdom of the veal
Just about 11 years ago, passions were running high about the transportation of animal for the production of veal, however, as an omnivore with a carni-philia (sic – love of meat) palate, I could see the need to protest. [1]
Animals do need to be kept in healthy and considerate environments that cause them no undue distress, but I shy from the word humane; that is reserved for humans.
On principle, I do not eat veal because I feel that the flesh of meat should attain a quality of maturity or aging before slaughter, just as one would not eat unripe fruits.
As it transpired, this whole frenzy lead to the death of one of the activists; a martyr for the welfare of veal calves – the incredulity still amazes me.
In other respects, this person gave more consideration to animals than to the effect it would have on humans regardless of the cause, I am of the strong opinion that the only cause worth dying for is ascendancy of mankind and that has long been done by someone else – thankfully!
However, people do choose their causes and some do sacrifice themselves to the cause; good for them, I would rather see the cause through to fulfilment and the consequent celebration.
The martyrdom of the cartoon
So today the propensity for unbridled passion continues unabated as the anger towards the Mohammed cartoons fuel protest, dissent, aggression and disorder.
Within that disorder, lives have now been lost as community and religious leaders fail to quell the hot-headed mob with a call to reason.
One wonders how it took a good four months for the cartoons drawn in an inconsequential European backwater to become global news.
The questions come flooding out, but the loudest ones would be …
+                                How does this anger help win converts to Islam?
+                                How can reasonable discourse between civilisations be fostered with one side resorts to inordinate violence that challenges common civility?
After all the boycotts, burning, rampages and name-calling, all parties would be losers and the animosity between different peoples would foster greater intolerance.
The pain of consciousness
I note with poignancy that a usually firebrand state is not participating in this activity. Just as some governments need to be seen to be reacting negatively to this cartoon saga.
Opium can stupefy as the drug of religion fills the cravings for a paradise in some probable future, however, the slap of unfortunate tragedy in Egypt has left people pre-occupied with seeking information about their loved ones than burning flags of unloved ones.
Contextually, it shows that a reality check that grounds people to consider more pressing and dire circumstances removes them from the opportunity to foment trouble and discord. Sad as it may seem, it probably is a welcome distraction if the voice of reason will not prevail.
It is a Viagra death
The other angle on this martyrdom issue stems from the activities of suicide bombers who do so, on the promise that their martyrdom would be rewarded with 72 virgins as they arrive in heaven. [2][3][4]
I pause to refresh my understanding of what a martyr is –
1 : a person who voluntarily suffers death as the penalty of witnessing to and refusing to renounce a religion
2 : a person who sacrifices something of great value and especially life itself for the sake of principle [5]
Methinks a whole lot of young men have been duped by unscrupulous manipulators of the good words of the Al Quran.
It is very doubtful that suicide bombing is covered in the first definition because it pertains to suffering death inflicted by others; the second pertains to dying for a cause and I can confidently say it cannot be by taking the life of others.
Another good book views suicide as an abomination, but I would not develop that any further.
The only attraction of 72 virgins is wanton sex of lascivious magnitude that it would make a prostitute blush – to arrest and entice the virility of an adolescent or sex-crazed but deprived male in the quest of a suicide mission leaves me lost for appropriate words of disdain.
The benefactors seemingly do not want to avail themselves of those virgins having tasted the forbidden fruit on earth and probably now tire of the demands they have to meet with their tiny harem of just four wives.
If all I had to wish for was 72 virgins; I seek a better heaven than one that could as well be a brothel of squealing sexual ecstasy.
The reason of lesser men
One can really kick up the fuss about the cartoons, we can also temper our anger with a better goal of trying to win over the infidels with the example of patience, mercy and discourse.
But we would not be moved by flimsy cartoons that are hardly representative of the faith, the people and the principles we revere and honour.
If they knew better, none of this would happen, however, we would seize this opportunity to educate, enlighten and proselytise Europe with the message of peace.
Who is speaking up for peace because great men and messengers of God would definitely be doing what is right?
[3] FactsOfIsrael.com: 72 Questions about the 72 virgins Some comments could be rather offensive – approach with care.

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