Wednesday 21 December 2005

Life begins again with 40 refreshing breaths

Thankfully and gratefully
Today, I reach 40 with a deep sense of gratitude and a wealth of appreciation.
Things happen in life that fill one with concern and anxiety, first the usual desire for youthful pre-eminence in the quest against aging which for some is a lifelong distracting quest, then there is the frailty of humanity in terms of maintaining a standard of health and well-being.
Other factors that affect one include outlook, relationships, career and security, these being issues that one through the values one acquires over life and faith that develops from beliefs and experience help determine the kind of person you are.
Landmarks and crossroads
This celebration meets me as a man on the cusp of a life changing experience where the need to remain relevant to myself, my relationships, my community and society in general becomes a passionate quest.
Maturity has a strange way of sharpening certain views and blunting other systems, I probably have become more acquiescent of considering people and less tolerant of inconsiderate people.
That intolerance however, needs to be properly managed, I hate getting angry because hormonally it exhausts me as my voice tends to tremble as I begin to lose it; that results in incoherence and that is uncomfortable.
Godliness matters
I have many things to be thankful for; most especially the power and strength that is beyond me but sustains me through the course of life; it is of great religious importance and requires better commitment and adherence to reap benefits of a godly relationship.
Enthuse and infuse
As they say, “Life begins at 40”, and like forty years ago when my quite premature arrival (at 26 weeks) left everyone wondering if I would survive, you can bet that not only is one here to survive, but to thrive, to succeed, to excel and to enthuse others with that same spirit.
There are things to set right, resolutions to make and decisions to review and conclude.
I thank everyone including my very best friends who have come to celebrate this day with me.
Thank you!

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