Saturday 26 June 2004

Holiday blogs

Dotting the I’s
Going through a few of blog recent blogs, I could not help but notice what happens when in the quest to get it all out and get out for some sun some things just do not look right.
When you fail to proofread your copy, everything from spelling errors, missing words, malapropisms, split infinitives and grammatical mistakes have a field day.
I could give the excuse that I am on holiday and cannot be bothered with sort it all out till when I return home. I however, do know that I could be meticulous to a fault in ensuring that what I want to say is what I am expressing clearly for everyone to read.
Now, everyone who reads my copy, does not necessarily understand the full context, I have the problem working in the Netherlands where I could be clobbered for not communicating properly with my audience, not because I have scripted rubbish, but because the level of understanding of my audience may not have been taken into consideration in my writing.
That is both a fault and an asset - a fault in that I am particular about precision, context, syntax and semantics, the quality of expression in language and English offers material for that kind of prowess, I would rather do proper than vernacular.
The asset value comes from the audience recognising that English has modes of expression beyond the pedestrian and the rudimentary; they in the process learn more of the language and eventually begin to use the language more proficiently.
Unfortunately, not too may agree with those stated opinions. Since I am on holiday, I suppose it is more about giving my whole system a rest rather than exercising the mentality of a control freak in getting everything absolutely correct, my excuse for this sloppiness is so lame, I suppose I am only human and as it were on holiday.
Best regards!

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