Monday, 24 September 2012

WiFi Coming Back

Coming back, possibly
Politics, you find that everywhere, but that is another story between assertiveness and a passive-aggressive stance to ensure one is not undermined by events and decisions that should have one’s input or audience.
At the hotel I spoke with the desk clerk last night and as on had feared, the contract between Swisscom and the hotel had been cancelled and apparently, they have now signed up with another provider.
I have been assured that the wireless connectivity will be restored today and as I have just heard, the communications cabinet was being moved out this morning.
Bring it back, first
Now, I will rather not dwell on good intentions but effective action with results. This means the graphic with the red cross through the “Free WiFi” icon on the hotel’s sign will remain until that service is restored after which I will blog from the hotel of that change.
After 7 days without wireless connectivity, I have been an utterly patient man to my own surprise, if not chagrin. I have accommodated this atrocity by walking up to the Le Caméléon Bar where they have free wireless internet and power sockets to link up and just connect to our heart’s content.
Besides that, even after informing the desk clerk that I wanted my room cleaned for Saturday, I returned to an unmade room, a basket full of rubbish and used towels. I do hate complaining but I went downstairs after a 12-hour working day to remonstrate – I had towels delivered to my room and a promise that on Sunday my room will be cleaned.
It was cleaned.