Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Thought Picnic: Seeking other travel companions

So not I
I cannot say where he came from but I immediately took a dislike to him. There was much to dislike like poking me so he could get through to use the toilet like his bladder was weak, the word please had not visited his vocabulary, if ever.
I did not touch the vegetarian dish I was offered, I had had enough from a month in India, he was soon pointing a finger expectantly at it, presciently I thought he eventually would so I obliged.
I could only remember Janis Joplin's song and sing my own lyrics, O Lord, don't ever let me travel coach class again - the next line will however not be written yet.
Am I to endure another 5 hours of this?
Lord have mercy.
So strange me
Then he gave me an apple, literally thrust it at me, I could not refuse even with my remonstration that I took it.
Taking apples from strangers forced together by the improbability of aircraft seating plans is just not safe for all sorts of reasons.
With my thinking in overdrive after the second bite I was in bulimia extremis as I mustered all emetic strength I never knew I had to put whatever I had bitten of the apple in the embrace of blue ice.
It soon dawned on me the accident of fate that put a Spaniard and an Englishman together, the barrier of language exacerbated by the lack of social graces of the former.
So naughty us
Dear Lord help my lack of humility and forgive the snobbishness that so easily befalls me.
A vegetarian Spaniard? Wonders shall never cease, at which point, nothing more can shock me, maybe I have spoken to soon, we are 8 hours into the flight by Indian time.
Aren't we there yet? Says the little boy in me.
There are better ways to travel than this, I know.
Ah! The captain speaks, Paris in 25 minutes, hoping to land at 5:50AM.
I was asked to fill in a survey, like the receptionist at the training centre in India opined when I was filling in that amateur final feedback form they offered me - it is my favourite hobby.
Well, ask for my opinion and you will get an honest and frank expression of views; surely, that is what they want. I hope so.
Come think of it; are the couples on the plane in Paris for a romantic holiday?
I hear the sound of landing gear being deployed, so there.