Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Thought Picnic: Do Africans so hate heaven on earth?

So, E.T. on returning to earth asked me a question. "Why do Africans have high moral standards and Westerners have high living standards?"

I was stumped for answers, but in true African logic redolent of my co-religious, co-traditional values and co-cultural norms with the great people of Africa whose decency far exceeds that of Westerners that there is no vice, corruption or deprivation in their societies, I foolishly averred :-

"Maybe Africans prefer hell on earth and Europeans prefer heaven on earth."

E.T. was puzzled, he felt that moral standards did not seem to be helping Africans at all, in fact, he thought Western high standards were borne of a greater cause to humanity that is it is almost considered immoral for a Westerner to live in the kind of low living standards that Africans have decided to embrace in thumbing their noses at the West with regards to aid when it comes to same-sex marriage.

Much as I was quite ready to agree with E.T. it became evident to me that Africans will rather eat their religious books, live with their culture, sleep in their norms and gather to lynch the people that are different than work to improve their living standards.

Maybe Africans are ready to lead a new global moral crusade, it does not seem the rest of the world will be following that great exodus back to the Dark Continent.

E.T. really got me thinking but I knew he will never get Africans thinking about what is really right for them today; and that is a great shame.